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L.T.S.I. Taekwon-do

L.T.S.I. prides itself on not producing hundreds of mediocre Black Belts, as we feel that obtaining such a grade is very special. Our students are put through rigorous exams from the first exam to the advanced. You may look and say, well only 90+ Black Belts have been produced since 2004 but, in reality, you should be thinking these guys produce quality rather than quantity.

We feel that a Black Belt must have the physical attributes as well as mental. Therefore, training is set that all must achieve a good standard of knowledge before obtaining the coveted Black Belt level.

To grade students under the I.T.F. Union banner, our examiners must hold a 4th Degree or above.

Black Belt gradings are resided over by Master Snow and two 4th Degrees and above.

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I Degree
I Dan (Club Assistant) (102X)
C.Snow S.Smith I.Smith A.Smith M.Doran L.Snow A.Aliousalah
S.Townshend E.Moulster M.Hillier D.Britten A.Basidi M.Basidi R.Bailey
C.Hurt L.Blewit K.Curpen M.Bruce M.Goodchild S.King M.Bose
M.Janes J.Moore A.Puri P.Downs J.Brennan A.Chapman P.Ratcliffe
L.Carling M.Theridge G.Mc Kay A.Smith M.Carling C.Smith J.Smith
A.Stewart G.Milner R.Snow A.Stewart D.Smith B.Smith R.Maguadia
J.Wood L.Garten X.Garten D.Stennet D.Stennet T.Gibson S.Mistry
T.Adio R.Bailey U.Husain H.Pansar K.Trotter H.Awan I.Sha
T.Furlong S.Ahmead A.Coorgee S.Coorgee N.Hussain J.Trotter J.Major
S.Major G.Hobson A.Marks D.Marks T.Majeed T.majeed jnr D.PEARSON
M.Barnes C.Major T.Lane J.Alexander I.Ahmed G.Harkness O.Grossman
J.Clark C.Condon A.Hanchoui C.Smith Mr.A.Khan Miss.A.Khan L.McAuliffe
K.Gupta S.Barnes N.M.Wise K.Kedia D.Kedia B.Marks  S.Mutty
L.Coucher S. Raho M.Stephens  M.Lisowski  L.Harkness  M.Ypey B.Webb
E.Webb J.Henderson K.O’Mullane
II Degree
II Dan (Club Assistant) (33X)
C.Snow S.Smith T.Brennan I.Smith A.Smith M.Doran L.Snow
A.Aliousalah S.Townshend E.Moulster M.Hillier C.Hurt L.Blewitt D.Britten
A.Basidi M.Basidi Z.Basidi R.Bailey H.Lyons L.Garner J.Brennan
J.Smith G.Hobson S.Major  P.Marsh J.Alexander  T. lane  O.Grossman
J.Clark D.Marks A.Marks V.Trifonov B.Marks J.Pugh
III Degree
III Dan (Club Assistant) (10X)
C.Snow S.Smith T.Brennan A.Smith M.Turner G.Garner L.Snow
H.Lyons L.Garner  U.Hussain
IV Degree
IV Dan (Expert) (4X)
C.Snow S.Smith  G.Garner L.Garner
V Degree
VI Dan (Expert) (2X)
C.Snow S.Smith
VI Degree
VI Dan (Expert) (1X)
VII Degree (International Master)
VII Dan Master
Master C.Snow
VII Degree
VIII Dan Master
IX Degree (International Grandmaster)
IX Dan Master