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Welcome to the Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent official website, Hertfordshire's first stop for Quality Martial Arts classes. L.T.S.I. also offers U.K. groups a one stop shop for affiliation and all insurance required to teach the art. We also offer Disclosure and Barring Services (D.B.S.) and many other services and access to courses without having to join us - just affiliate and run your clubs the way you want to. We have affiliates and they operate 100% on their own, only networking with our service when they want to. So contact us today for information if you are stuck in a rut. All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

When applying for your Black Belt / Degree test, the following must be adhered to:

  • Apply for the test, but read the following first –
  • You are required to sit a pre-test under the L.T.S.I. rules (ask your Instructor for the official date).
  • On the pre-test, you will sit the 45 minute written exam. If you pass this, you will do a physical pre-test on the same day.
  • Make sure you have your uniform ready and never be late on the pre-test or actual test.
  • Approx. four weeks after the pre-test, you will attend the official exam and do the physical test (the pre-test should have ironed out any issues).

Black Belt test cost (these prices do not cover ITF HQ certificates)

  • 1st Degree £160 (includes L.T.S.I. Black Belt suit, ITF Union certificate, L.T.S.I. belt and tie)
  • 2nd Degree £160 (includes ITF Union certificate and L.T.S.I. belt)
  • 3rd Degree £180 (includes ITF Union certificate and L.T.S.I. belt) 
  • 4th Degree £240 (includes ITF Union certificate and L.T.S.I. belt) 
  • 5th Degree £280 (includes ITF Union certificate and L.T.S.I. belt) 

Further promotion fee charges will be set by an I.T.F. senior examiner

Good luck from the exam panel

Club Name:*
Date of Birth:*
Current Grade*
Date of last grading:*
License No.*
License Expiry:*
Instructors name:

I confirm that my Instructor has authorised me to apply for my Black Belt exam via this website and also understand that the L.T.S.I. will make contact with them to confirm my intention to grade. 

In submitting this form, I confirm that I have provided all information correctly and any mistakes made are my sole responsibility.

I will ensure I hand in 4 passport photos to the exam board at the mock exam.

I understand the exam includes the following:

  1. Mock Black Belt Examination
  2. Main test 4 to 6 weeks later
  3. L.T.S.I. Certificate
  4. I.T.F. Union Certificate
  5. Embroidered Black Belt (for L.T.S.I. members)

Any member that would like I.T.F. HQ certification will incur an extra fee of £65 on top of the normal fee, please note this can only be issued if you hold the 3 year membership card with them. (Please ask your instructor to arrange this)

Full payment must reach the L.T.S.I. a minimum of 14 days before the Black Belt exam takes place, or promotion will be refused. 

I agree to accept the decision of the L.T.S.I. Exam Board and submit my application.

Please give 250 words on what TaeKwonDo has given you to date: (This will be used on your written exam)*
Word Verification: