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Welcome to the Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent official website, Hertfordshire's first stop for Quality Martial Arts classes. L.T.S.I. also offers U.K. groups a one stop shop for affiliation and all insurance required to teach the art. We also offer Disclosure and Barring Services (D.B.S.) and many other services and access to courses without having to join us - just affiliate and run your clubs the way you want to. We have affiliates and they operate 100% on their own, only networking with our service when they want to. So contact us today for information if you are stuck in a rut. All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Objectives of L.T.S.I.

The objectives of the L.T.S.I. are based on a simple outline which was put in place in the early days of our inception in 2004 – we endeavour to provide local classes for all race and age groups.

We will ensure that all our classes are run by professional coaches who have a minimum of 5 years knowledge of the art. All will be registered with a National Body and will be fully insured to teach you and your family at the highest levels physically possible.

We aim to build community based clubs where all practitioners are safe during training and members are kept out of the grubby politics of the art which are often used to bully members by the larger groups.

We pride ourselves on being a family based group which is small in comparison to many of the larger groups, but one which is big enough to let them know they will never be able to bully us or any of our members as we stand together in all we do.

The L.T.S.I. have NO interest in quantity (i.e. a massive student base) – their overall aim is to achieve quality over quantity, therefore our slogan is ‘Quality rather than quantity is always our first choice’.