It’s been an awesome day at Heart Of England Summer Opens. We saw our students step up and deliver their best results to date. The rules confused us as we don’t work under I.T.F. rules but, as soon as we knew what was what, we re-educated them resulting in fab results in sparring, patterns and special technique.

We will return next year with a bigger following as, to us, this was a top class event. H.O.E. is now officially on our calendar.

Now to prepare for the English L.T.S.I. opens but it’s holiday time first – rest up, as this years event will be mega busy as many new groups are attending.

The Lions will be waiting and today is testament that we are driving our members more productively.

Video to follow….

Results in from the Heart of England competition –

team ltsiSt. Albans:
Marsel Gulia – gold in sparring and bronze in patterns
Liam Ahearne – silver in sparring
Ciara Ahearne – bronze in sparring
Skye Major – gold in sparring, bronze in patterns and gold in special technique
Jordan Smith – gold in sparring, silver in patterns and gold in special technique
Benjamin Marks – gold in sparring
Catriona Condon – bronze in sparring
Lauren Cowcher – bronze in sparring

Daniel Martinez-Wise – gold in sparring, bronze in patterns and silver in special technique
Chloe Stabler – silver in sparring and gold in patterns
Jack Clark – gold in patterns
Oliver Grossman – silver in sparring