LTSI Black Belt Mock Test
The UK group the LTSI under the guidance of .Master Snow VIII conducted their annual Black Belt Mock Test.
The Exam Panel under the guidance of Master Snow, Mr Smith VI, and Mr Marsh IV Dan took the 8 students through the paces for over four hours.
The three examiners spent two hours on patterns alone, the candidates had to do there 45 minute Written test with all reaching the 52% to pass.
Next module was each candidate had to break with a number techniques consisting of hand and foot. All passed this module… In 8 weeks the 8 will return to do there three hour physical test which will cover, sparring, 3,2,1 step and all patterns along with knife Defence and self defence.
The three examiners congratulated the 8 on passing the first two modules, what many say are the hardest parts of the exam, breaking and theory…