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Value for money

Competitive pricing set across the board. The L.T.S.I. prides itself on providing the best at every level.

The key to quality

No compromise on quality training, with a syllabus admired by many worldwide.

24/7 Website Support

Training tips and videos on our site 24 hours a day to help you on your journey. 

Multiple Locations

We have full time Instructors and affiliate schools with us. We also welcome all U.K. groups and schools into our family as of January 2024.

L.T.S.I. Taekwondo leading the way

Welcome to the LTSI

Are you looking for Taekwondo classes? Always wanted to learn Martial Arts? Well, you are at the right place. We have a number of clubs registered on our website. Taekwondo is an amazing martial art to learn. There are two forms of Taekwondo: ITF and WT. You can learn more here. Have a look at the history and facts on this site and contact one of our instructors today. All offer FREE trial classes, so you have nothing to lose.

Instructors: Welcome to the Lions Taekwondo Schools Independent, an independent Taekwondo group who are 100% driven by traditional values as laid down by the Founder. We believe that hard work and staying true to the Founder’s last wishes is the only way to go. Our group has no interest in any National Governing Bodies, hence why we are independent. Our reason is simply that we feel NGBs are run on fear and ego and seem to use restrictive practices in their operations. We, as an independent group, remain committed.

At the head of the L.T.S.I. is Senior Master Snow, a registered 8th Degree Black Belt under the ITF Union. Chris, or as many refer to him as Master Snow, has nearly 40 years in the art. He is one of the most active senior Masters around, who even today still trains two hours a day personally. This is why many state he is a man of action, not words. Alongside this, the L.T.S.I. is backed up by Mr. Smith, 6th Degree, who has been with him for over 27 years and Miss Leonard. The three deal with the administration of the L.T.S.I. and make a very dedicated team.

The L.T.S.I. has no Chairman, no board members, and will not entertain one person using authority to govern – all decisions are made by the administration once we are sure it’s the best choice for everyone.

A network

We have a network of groups in our events system that work with us by attending our events, seminars, and courses. We can offer any U.K. Instructor affiliate membership with the guarantee of a no-interference policy and no change in what you are currently doing.

  • Our affiliation as of January 2024 is only £75 a year – this includes ITF Union registration
  • ITF Union Black Belt certification issued via us (only 4th Dans and above may examine to half of their grade)
  • L.T.S.I. Black Belt status cards, if required
  • Instructor insurance, DBS, and first aid courses, if required
  • Member-to-member insurance, if required
  • All clubs get registered on this website with their own customizable page
  • Access to Masters and Grandmasters through us for exams and seminars
  • L.T.S.I. color belt certification, if required

We can offer so much and all for the best competitively priced value in the U.K. – the beauty is you keep your identity with no interference and NO grubby politics.

Why us?

If you’re stuck in the rat race and sick of power-hungry seniors, we may be able to help you. Our aim is to establish a way that promotes freedom in every essence. Yes, some groups in the U.K. love working with big governing bodies, so their choice will be the NGB, but many of our friends have no interest in any governing bodies. So, our idea was born, and we decided to make it simple but effective.

We work for everyone, bringing access to all groups that would love to be involved with the ITF Union, but with no ties or governance. You can work closely with us, but with a very loose affiliation.

There are many like us who just want to enjoy the art with no egos and train together with the same values and passion for the art. To us, competition is healthy, but remaining humble and learning the art is our top priority always.


Why the L.T.S.I.?

The L.T.S.I. keeps our costs lower than any other group. Additionally, our reputation has been built on high standards across the board since 2004, so our practices are robust. We host some of the U.K.’s best National Championships and events, Black Belt seminars, and squad training. As affiliate members, you have total freedom and access to ITF Union through us. The L.T.S.I. welcomes everyone, even those who have left us, as we hold no grudges ever.


LTSI & Affiliates News

LTSI Black Belt Exam 2024

We are pleased to announce 8 students took the intense Black Belt Exam under Snr Mstr Snow 8th Dan Snr Instructor Mr Smith 6th Dan Instructor Mr Marsh 4th Dan. The test covered all patterns upto 1st Dan as 5 members were taking there 2nd Degrees. Three students grades...


  LTSI Black Belt Mock Test The UK group the LTSI under the guidance of .Master Snow VIII conducted their annual Black Belt Mock Test. The Exam Panel under the guidance of Master Snow, Mr Smith VI, and Mr Marsh IV Dan took the 8 students through the paces for...


Thanks to the students and instructors that took part in the Cadet and Instructors course held today, Dispite a few NO shows. New Cadets qualified Hemel Hempstead - The Faldu Twins St Albans TKD - Mr Tay and L. Blanaru London Colney - S. Bailey and Miss C. Ahearn...

L.T.S.I. Opens Doors to a better future

January the 1st 2024 the L.T.S.I. will open it's doors to any UK club or group that wants to affiliate. The affiliation is in line with the total revamp of the national website undertaken by our administration team. What we offer - A 100% non political affiliation...

Affiliate to us

At the L.T.S.I. we believe in 100% freedom, you can join us as an affiliate as of January 2024 and get everything you need at a competitive cost. Just £75 a year and you can get many benefits and be registered with ITF Union on the day you join us. All applications are confidential and an answer will be given within 24 hours.

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Additional information

Why join or affiliate to the L.T.S.I.

Top class events / awards as standard

Since 2004, the L.T.S.I. has hosted events in the U.K. that facilitate I.T.F. and independents from all over the four nations. The events have rules that suit both sides, meaning our opens are the fairest on the market. Profit is not our goal, unity and networking is. The awards we offer are amongst the best around - FACT!

No compromise on standards or dress code 
Dress code is one of our top priority. All our Black Belts are required to attend all events in full official attire as above. There is NO compromise on how we conduct ourselves.
Certification and Licensing

One thing for sure, you will not find another U.K. group or body offering what we do. From license books for colour belts to Black Belt license books and status cards, we offer it all! We also provide International ITF Union certification as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quality across the board

Value for money always

Traditional values always

Fully insured schools of Martial Arts

All grades fully verified

Many events hosted yearly

Our next main event

We host a number of events every year, weather it is open Taekwon-do championships that are trusted and proven or have an interest in seminars and courses we have you covered. Our affiliates have 100% freedom and we never interfere.


We've got you covered all the way

Whether it's insurance, recognition in a national group or looking for international recognition under an ITF body, we can help. Join us as a fully fledged member, or just affiliate to us....the choice is 100% yours with no hard sell.


What do I need to do if I'm interested?

Simply fill in the online form. All enquiries are 100% confidential, so no bridges will be burnt. We tend to get back in touch after we have done some research on you - this usually takes about 24 hours.

What happens if I join as a full member then want affiliated membership?

We are not an organisation that rules on fear (you know, the ones that attack you just because you decide it's not for you). Let us know and that's it. To be honest, we often say affiliation is best, then go full member after if you like. Again, there's no pressure.

Can I keep my own identity?

If you join fully, you gain many benefits, but it means using our suits etc. If you take affiliation, nothing changes and you can get access to everything we use at cost. We don't control anyone - all we ask is you follow correct timelines on exams and never put our group into disrepute online.

Can I grade my own students?

The rules are set by ITF Union for all full members and affiliates -

  • Only 4th Degrees that have been on IIC's can examine members
  • 4th and 5th Degree can grade up to 2nd Degree
  • 6th Degree can grade up to 3rd Degree
  • 7th Degree can grade up to 5th Degree
  • 8th Degree can grade up to 7th Degree (7th is by permission of ITFU Promotion committee)

When you join, we will request proof of your promotions unless we know you already.

Do you have a constitution?

The L.T.S.I. sees constitutions as a way to enforce rules set by the organisation. We have a very basic Charter that works. No Board of Control, just an administration that looks after daily activities. 

Full benefit information is only available to full members. 



Our club was a full member of the L.T.S.I. in the start. We left to be part of another ITF body and chose to come back. We are now affiliated -  no fuss, no pressure. We enter their events and love them. Highly recommended by Berkhamstead TKD



Tom Brennan IV



I've been a student of Master Snow's since 1996. I choose full membership as it works for my clubs and I have no interest in the politics, No stress, no pressure. The administration is on point and events are pretty classy.



Stuart Smith VI



We were affiliated to the L.T.S.I. for a number of years and never had any issues. Sadly, after Covid-19 my clubs folded, but I can verify their admin is pretty top notch. It's worth a punt if you want freedom.



Gary Garner IV


Seminars with World class Masters and Grandmasters


The L.T.S.I. is led by Master Snow, 8th Degree

Despite our group head having one of the highest level degree belts in Taekwondo, we have a philosophy to provide the best Masters around for a given field. Whether it's sparring, patterns or technical, you can be sure the L.T.S.I. will always give you the best money can buy and make it competitive.

Grandmasters of the highest creed

We know our limits - getting a Grandmaster in from a reputable organisation gives our membership and attendees the best low cost experience money can buy. 


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14 Collyer Road, London Colney, St. Albans, Herts., AL2 1PD