LTSI England Network

Welcome to the L.T.S.I. England Network:

Welcome to the Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent England Network, a revolutionary concept to form a network dedicated to bringing all groups and clubs under one banner to give direct access to the ITF Union without having to sacrifice independence in any form.

A network of TaeKwonDo Clubs

We have a network of over 65 U.K. groups in our system that work with us by attending our events. As of 24th November 2021, we offer any Instructor that would like to be part of a respected body a chance to join us. No need to wear our uniform or follow our rules, you can join the network and just do your thing. If you want us to support you, we will be there.

1. Discount on each attendee at all L.T.S.I. England Championships (two hosted a year since 2004)
2. Discounts per person on our seminars and courses
3. All clubs get registered on our website at
4. Access to Masters and Grandmasters
5. Access and discounts to L.T.S.I. England seminars
6. DBS checks, if required
7. Member to member insurance, if required
8. Instructors’ insurance, if required.
9. Colour belt certification, if required 
10. L.T.S.I. England Black Belt certification, if required 
11. First aid courses, if required

We can offer so much and all for the best competitively priced value in the U.K. – the beauty is you keep your identity with no interference.

Why choose us?

We want to establish a network that promotes freedom in every essence. Yes, some groups in the U.K. love working with big governing bodies so their choice will be the NGB, but many of our friends have no interest in any governing bodies. So our idea was born and we decided to make it simple but effective.

We work for everyone, bringing access to all groups that would love to be involved with the ITF Union, but with no ties or governance. You can work closely with us or not – it is your choice.

Why choose L.T.S.I. England Network?

The L.T.S.I. England keeps our costs lower than any U.K. group. Also, our reputation has been built on high standards our Instructors / members achieve in all we do. We host some of the U.K.’s biggest and best National Championships, Black Belt seminars and squad training and, as a network member, you get discounts and freedom always.

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