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Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent - reuniting the U.K. TaeKwonDo community through friendship

L.T.S.I. run the biggest TaeKwonDo tournaments in the U.K.

Operating the best TaeKwonDo seminars in the U.K.

L.T.S.I. offer affiliation to all U.K. groups

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Welcome to the Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent official website, Hertfordshire's first stop for Quality Martial Arts classes. L.T.S.I. also offers U.K. groups a one stop shop for affiliation and all insurance required to teach the art. We also offer Disclosure and Barring Services (D.B.S.) and many other services and access to courses without having to join us - just affiliate and run your clubs the way you want to. We have affiliates and they operate 100% on their own, only networking with our service when they want to. So contact us today for information if you are stuck in a rut. All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent:

Hi there! Welcome to the Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent martial arts website. If you are on this site, we are guessing you or your kids are looking into taking up a Martial Art soon in St. Albans, London Colney or Hemel Hempstead (or at one of our networking clubs)? On behalf of the Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent, let us welcome you to our groups national website. Like you, we started our Martial Arts journey by looking at local clubs for beginner courses and, boy, are there many out there now! Those of us that find and love TaeKwonDo have remained in our chosen art (in Master Snows case) for three decades now, as it offers so much more than self defence. So, why should you choose TaeKwonDo? Well, it is a fantastic self defence system and we have many students, old and young, who will vouch for this. It has to be noted the style we teach is not the one found in the Olympics, as our system is more than a sport. The system educates the old and the young in many ways – but don’t just take our word for it, look at the testimonials.

What do you need to take part in our classes? You need loose clothing, a willingness to learn and able to work as a team, as all our Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent clubs promote traditional family values where all religions, race and ages work together with the same goal.

Our NEW TaeKwonDo beginner classes start on the first and second week of every month at all clubs. We run classes for under 11’s as well as family classes every month. Most Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent clubs offer simply unbeatable offers to get you started, not to mention the very competitive low cost lessons.

Whether you are looking to start TaeKwonDo for fitness reasons, or just looking at joining a club for social interaction, we are sure our group will tick all the boxes.

Who are the Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent?:

The Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent (L.T.S.I.) are a small friendly group of Martial Arts clubs that have produced World, European and National champions for over a decade now, proving bigger is not always better. We have countless Black Belt students that will tell you we should be your first choice when looking to join a local club, as we offer real value for money in our classes and we have no interest in the politics of the art.

Our classes will give you results within six months, providing you are willing to learn and put in the hard work – don’t delay, pick up the phone and take advantage of our FREE trial lessons starting every month.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our classes.

Master Snow, 7th Degree (Head coach)

We back the NEW united TaeKwonDo Movement

Check out our Hertfordshire clubs

St. Albans TaeKwonDo contact details


Instructor: Master Chris Snow, VII Degree

Class Times:

  • Mondays & Thursdays under 11’s classes 4.30pm
  • Tuesdays under 11’s classes 4.30pm
  • Mondays & Wednesdays 11’s+ family classes 6.30pm

Contact Details:

  • Mobile: 07960 476124
  • Website:


Hemel TaeKwonDo contact details


Instructor: Mr Stuart Smith, V Degree

Class Times:

  • Please call for times and dates

Contact Details:

  • Mobile: 07878 987824


Cambridge TaeKwonDo contact details


Instructor: Mr Gary Garner, IV Degree

Class Times:

  • Please E-Mail for times and dates

Contact Details:



Once enrolled onto our program, you will take part in sessions where you will feel the benefits of fitness within a few sessions. All new members go at their own pace, but every lesson will help you achieve your goal of optimum fitness whilst working towards the coveted Black Belt.

What are the benefits of joining L.T.S.I. clubs?

  • Improves all over body flexibility within weeks
  • Teaches dynamic and explosive kicking drills
  • Regular sparring sessions at all classes for advanced members
  • Enhances fitness through cardio training
  • Uses music to help motivate members
  • Work towards an International Certified Black Belt
  • Suitable for all ages up to 70
  • All clubs use traditional practices fused with modern day methods

L.T.S.I. TaeKwonDo has classes that local residents can choose from. Opened in 1994, we ensure the strictest and safest Martial Arts training practices are used at all times.

  •         We operate strict child protection policies, as all coaches are DBS checked
  •         We are fully insured and hold public liability
  •         We are fully qualified coaches certified by International Bodies

All our clubs offer traditional Korean Martial Arts training called TaeKwonDo along side of a great fitness system, but this type of TaeKwonDo style must not be confused with the Olympic version. Our classes are suitable for all the family from 5 up to 70 years young. When teaching Martial Arts, our vision is to provide low cost classes and equipment at a level everyone can afford classes.

Classes are all run by fully trained Instructors only who hold International Degrees and are certified Black Belts under an I.T.F. Body. Our coaches have run classes for many years.

As a beginner, taking up Martial Arts with us is easy – take two FREE lessons on us and, if our clubs are suitable for your family / your child, pay just £45 and we will give you 12 months membership / insurance and a uniform. Some schools have extra offers in place – please contact your Instructor for further details.

What is the catch? Nothing! The only terms we have is that you agree to pay on time. If you leave, there is NO contract. We encourage you to give the art a serious chance and to prove we are serious about how we teach. You can save money by paying by standing order monthly.

What are the benefits of affiliation to L.T.S.I.?

  • Affiliation is FREE when you buy our instructor & member to member insurance
  • Low cost member to member insurance
  • Discounts at all our events when you affiliate
  • We sort the paperwork out for you so you can relax
  • We can provide certificates, licenses and much more at low cost
  • Access to Examiners & Course conductors
  • L.T.S.I. & I.T.F. Union membership


XVII South East TaeKwonDo Opens








Results in from the Heart of England competition –

It's been an awesome day at Heart Of England Summer Opens. We saw our students step up and deliver...

We created the L.T.S.I in 2004. I have been with Master Snow for 21 years now. Very fair coach and great service provider, to be honest.

Stuart Smith 5th Degree

L.T.S.I./ I.T.F. Instructor, Smith TKD

The L.T.S.I. welcomes independent clubs to affiliate to us on a no interference basis. Unlike most our only aim is to unite the art and build bridges. Join us today.

Master Snow 7th Degree

LTSI Head Coach, St Albans TaeKwonDo

The L.T.S.I. are a great group – Master Snow is always pushing to get everyone networking. My group has all our Black Belt gradings done by the L.T.S.I. exam panel. We love their events!

Gary Garner 4th Degree

Independent Group, CS TKD