L.T.S.I. Taekwon-do

Welcome to the L.T.S.I.

Welcome to the Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent, An independent TaeKwon-Do group who are 100% driven by traditional value, hard work and staying true to the founders last wishes but have no interest in any National Governing Bodies. Our reason is simply that we feel NGB’s are ran on fear and ego so we as an independent group we remain alone and happy. 

A network of TaeKwonDo Clubs

We have a network of groups in our system that work with us by attending our events, seminars and courses. We can offer any UK instructor affiliate membership with the guarantee of a no interference policy and no change in what you are currently doing now. 

  1.  Our affiliation as of July 2022 is only £75 a year which includes ITF Union registration. 
  2.  ITF Union Black Belt certification issued via us.
  3.  Instructors Insurance, DBS and first aid courses at cost.
  4.  Member to member insurance only £2 (Affiliated members only)
  5. All clubs get registered on this website.
  6. Access to Masters and Grandmasters through us for exams and seminars
  7. LTSI Colour belt certification £4 per cert registered on our database.
  8. L.T.S.I. Black Belt certification when your members grade under our exam board

We can offer so much and all for the best competitively priced value in the U.K. – the beauty is you keep your identity with no interference and NO grubby politics.

Why us?

If your stuck in the rat race, sick of power hungary seniors we may be able to help you. Our aim to establish a network that promotes freedom in every essence. Yes, some groups in the U.K. love working with big governing bodies so their choice will be the NGB, but many of our friends have no interest in any governing bodies like us. So our idea was born and we decided to make it simple but effective.

We work for everyone, bringing access to all groups that would love to be involved with the ITF Union, but with no ties or governance. You can work closely with us or not – it is your choice.

Why L.T.S.I.?

The L.T.S.I. keeps our costs lower than any U.K. group. Also, our reputation has been built on high standards in all we do. We host some of the U.K.’s best National Championships and events, Black Belt seminars and squad training and, as a network member you get total freedom.

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