Thanks to the students and instructors that took part in the Cadet and Instructors course held today, Dispite a few NO shows.

New Cadets qualified

Hemel Hempstead – The Faldu Twins
St Albans TKD – Mr Tay and L. Blanaru
London Colney – S. Bailey and Miss C. Ahearn
North Orbital – K. Robinson, H. Robinson, L. Barnwell and V. Gill

All instructors of the clubs refreshed there skills and took on board new changes and legal requirements now being implemented into the clubs.

Master Snow, Mr Smith and Mr Marsh helped the students during the course to learn the ropes on teaching skills, student risk assessment and Dojang Risk Assessment and many other areas. All cadets passed there written test with flying colours.

Now the LTSI looks to move forward with its future plans for 2024.