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Competitive pricing set across the board. The L.T.S.I. prides itself on providing the best at every level.

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No compromise on quality training, with a syllabus admired by many worldwide.

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Training tips and videos on our site 24 hours a day to help you on your journey. 

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We have full time Instructors and affiliate schools with us. We also welcome all U.K. groups and schools into our family as of January 2024.

There are many instructors of Tae Kwon Do and other Martial Arts. Some are excellent and some are truly incompetent. Most are probably on middle ground. Teaching should be a journey of continuous improvement and learning on the part of the instructor, as well as for the student. When we decide to become teachers, we are volunteering to take on some serious responsibilities. Many instructors do not seem to realize the full extent of their impact on the student, for good or bad. On the other hand there are students who do not understand where the teacher’s responsibilities end and their own begin. In hopes of maximizing the positives in both the teaching and learning process, this article is a discussion of some basic principles concerning the student/instructor relationship as it pertains to teaching in general.

INSTRUCTORS OWE THEIR STUDENTS EVERYTHING THEY HAVE TO GIVE. When a student comes to a specific instructor, she/he might be there to learn what some teachers call “secret” or “signature” techniques. An instructor should not hold back any information their art. If anyone does not want to share their experience and knowledge, then they should not take on the task of teaching, because sharing is what teaching is on its most fundamental level.

INSTRUCTORS OWE SOMETHING TO THE ART. In the process of teaching, we must strive to maintain the integrity of the ART that we are passing on to our students. It is our job to teach right movement , give cultural definition to concepts of essence . We should also pass on historical and cultural information to the best of our knowledge.

STUDENTS SHOULD FOCUS THEIR LOYALTIES ON BECOMING THE BEST PRACTITIONER THAT THEY CAN BE. Students owe no loyalty to an instructor, except to uphold the integrity of what they have been taught. Students pay for their classes with money and not undivided loyalty to a specific instructor. Students have the right to study with whomever they choose without fear of hostility from any other instructor.

GOOD STUDENTS DO NOT INTERRUPT THE FLOW OF CLASS, on the other hand, to show what they have learned from another instructor. A teacher has the right to expect that students are in the class in order to learn the material that she/he is presenting.

A STUDENT IS A SINGLE ENTITY. Students pay for and have the right to expect some individual attention in classes and workshops. It is the instructor’s job to correct mistakes when they are noticed and to acknowledge good movement when it is executed. We are not there simply to show how it is done, but to help others to learn how to do it! In some workshop situations, it is not possible to give individual attention to every student, but reach the ones that seem to require it most and others can learn from what is said to a nearby student as well.

A STUDENT HAS THE RIGHT TO ASK QUESTIONS and to have them answered respectfully. Some things seem very obvious to us when we have a lot of experience, but they may not be as clear to others. Part of the instructor’s job is to take questions seriously and answer them if we can. Sometimes this means that we have to say those three little words, “I Don’t Know”!

STUDENTS MAY WANT TO PERFORM SOME DAY, or perhaps are already doing so. It is the instructor’s job to encourage them to compete in tournaments that are appropriate to skill level and take part in seminars under higher ranking instructors and masters. There are many seminars that are geared towards honeing technical and stage skills. When students are ready to perform for a general audience at competition, it is time to encourage them to do so. Instructors have to guard against feeling competitive with their students or holding them back when they have reached a level of competence for public performance. Students should have respect enough for the opinion of their instructors, and the art itself, to be willing to wait until they can do a creditable job before performing for the general audience.


These precepts can be helpful for both students and instructors, concerning what can be expected in a healthy relationship. Points are emphasized which bring about mutual respect, promote an atmosphere of dedication to the Art and leave less room for confusion on the political level.

Article by A’isha Azar, 1989

Why join or affiliate to the L.T.S.I.

Top class events / awards as standard

Since 2004, the L.T.S.I. has hosted events in the U.K. that facilitate I.T.F. and independents from all over the four nations. The events have rules that suit both sides, meaning our opens are the fairest on the market. Profit is not our goal, unity and networking is. The awards we offer are amongst the best around - FACT!

No compromise on standards or dress code 
Dress code is one of our top priority. All our Black Belts are required to attend all events in full official attire as above. There is NO compromise on how we conduct ourselves.
Certification and Licensing

One thing for sure, you will not find another U.K. group or body offering what we do. From license books for colour belts to Black Belt license books and status cards, we offer it all! We also provide International ITF Union certification as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quality across the board

Value for money always

Traditional values always

Fully insured schools of Martial Arts

All grades fully verified

Many events hosted yearly

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We host a number of events every year, weather it is open Taekwon-do championships that are trusted and proven or have an interest in seminars and courses we have you covered. Our affiliates have 100% freedom and we never interfere.


We've got you covered all the way

Whether it's insurance, recognition in a national group or looking for international recognition under an ITF body, we can help. Join us as a fully fledged member, or just affiliate to us....the choice is 100% yours with no hard sell.


What do I need to do if I'm interested?

Simply fill in the online form. All enquiries are 100% confidential, so no bridges will be burnt. We tend to get back in touch after we have done some research on you - this usually takes about 24 hours.

What happens if I join as a full member then want affiliated membership?

We are not an organisation that rules on fear (you know, the ones that attack you just because you decide it's not for you). Let us know and that's it. To be honest, we often say affiliation is best, then go full member after if you like. Again, there's no pressure.

Can I keep my own identity?

If you join fully, you gain many benefits, but it means using our suits etc. If you take affiliation, nothing changes and you can get access to everything we use at cost. We don't control anyone - all we ask is you follow correct timelines on exams and never put our group into disrepute online.

Can I grade my own students?

The rules are set by ITF Union for all full members and affiliates -

  • Only 4th Degrees that have been on IIC's can examine members
  • 4th and 5th Degree can grade up to 2nd Degree
  • 6th Degree can grade up to 3rd Degree
  • 7th Degree can grade up to 5th Degree
  • 8th Degree can grade up to 7th Degree (7th is by permission of ITFU Promotion committee)

When you join, we will request proof of your promotions unless we know you already.

Do you have a constitution?

The L.T.S.I. sees constitutions as a way to enforce rules set by the organisation. We have a very basic Charter that works. No Board of Control, just an administration that looks after daily activities. 

Full benefit information is only available to full members. 



Our club was a full member of the L.T.S.I. in the start. We left to be part of another ITF body and chose to come back. We are now affiliated -  no fuss, no pressure. We enter their events and love them. Highly recommended by Berkhamstead TKD



Tom Brennan IV



I've been a student of Master Snow's since 1996. I choose full membership as it works for my clubs and I have no interest in the politics, No stress, no pressure. The administration is on point and events are pretty classy.



Stuart Smith VI



We were affiliated to the L.T.S.I. for a number of years and never had any issues. Sadly, after Covid-19 my clubs folded, but I can verify their admin is pretty top notch. It's worth a punt if you want freedom.



Gary Garner IV


Seminars with World class Masters and Grandmasters


The L.T.S.I. is led by Master Snow, 8th Degree

Despite our group head having one of the highest level degree belts in Taekwondo, we have a philosophy to provide the best Masters around for a given field. Whether it's sparring, patterns or technical, you can be sure the L.T.S.I. will always give you the best money can buy and make it competitive.

Grandmasters of the highest creed

We know our limits - getting a Grandmaster in from a reputable organisation gives our membership and attendees the best low cost experience money can buy. 


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