We are pleased to announce 8 students took the intense Black Belt Exam under
Snr Mstr Snow 8th Dan
Snr Instructor Mr Smith 6th Dan
Instructor Mr Marsh 4th Dan.
The test covered all patterns upto 1st Dan as 5 members were taking there 2nd Degrees.
Three students grades to Black Belt.
Every part of Taekwondo was covered, from all patterns, to self defence, to knife Defence, to all set sparring. The test started at 10.30 am and ended at 1.30pm.
At the end of the test the following passed there respected grades and were presented there new LTSI National certificates designed by myself which are fully framed. (ITF Certs will be presented in October at the English Opens).

Promotion to 1st Dan

Harry Robinson
Kelsey Robinson
Oscar Chau

Promotion to 2nd Dan

Bernard Garvin
Nigel Pitt
Bonnie Nash
Fenton Nash
Lucas Lad
We take this time to congratulate all students on there new Promotions. You done yourself and St Albans proud.